9 Advantages of Having an Outdoor Privacy Fence

Owning a home comes with a lot of choices to be made. If you have a house with a spacious and attractive backyard, enclosing it is something you must think about. Depending on the zoning regulations in your area, most backyards are allowed fencing. In fact, zoning committee experts in Canada, estimated that around 80% to 90% of the applications they receive are for outdoor privacy fences.

For invisible property lines to be acknowledged and respected, a more clear visual representation of the boundaries is necessary. There is no better way for your property lines to declare their existence than through fence construction in Canada.

Even a fence that is shorter and less imposing will still send the message that your space is just yours. Installing a fence is relevant for a number of reasons related to maintenance, security, and– ultimately-home value. There are various reasons why adding a fence to your property will be of benefit to you and the loved ones living under your roof. Here are some which you must know of:

  1. Increased security– Homes without fences around them are completely open to the outside world. This means that anybody can violate your personal space. People living in suburban areas, who are well-acquainted with their neighbours may feel less concerned about this fact, but if someone were to walk in their backyard and steal their backyard furniture they might change their minds. Properties with an old fence built around them are still vulnerable because the fence has aged and is likely to have holes in it. Holes can get big enough for animals to go through them and lead to a risk of lives. Even if you manage to repair the fence, it is likely that it will gain new ones as it continues to age.
  2. Increased safety– People with children or pets should consider installing fences and gates in Canada, as it is a great way to keep them from wandering off of your property. Fences define boundaries, so you don’t have to worry about your dog running away if you let them outside. It’s also a great way to ensure kids have a space to play without them facing any dangers such as chasing a ball into the street.
  3. Establishes privacy– Regardless of how kind your neighbours are, you didn’t buy the house with the intention of sharing your life with them. A fence will be essential in the balancing act of being a welcoming neighbour while also maintaining your privacy. Some sunny mornings you just want to sit out on the back deck and enjoy your coffee and newspaper while still in your bathrobe. You want to be able to do this with a strong sense of solitude. And there will be nights when you’ll want to have a romantic dinner on the lawn with your better half, which is somewhat of a private affair. By installing a fence, no third party will be able to invade your privacy.
  4. Improved aesthetic feel– When you imagine your ideal home, you probably imagine a white picket fence surrounding it. Our culture has engrained ideas like this into our brains and thus we find classic things like a beautiful fence to be very appealing. While it can be expensive, a new fence construction in Canada will improve many aspects of your home. Properly built and well-painted fences will make your home appear more luxurious and overall attractive. Homes with fences and gates have better security and look nicer overall.
  5. Higher property value– Because of the fact that fences can provide peace of mind, they look more attractive to the homebuyers. This is a very important aspect when you are looking to sell off your property in the near future. Since fences run around the perimeter of your property, your fences may very well end up being the first thing anyone who comes to your house will see. A good high-quality fence constructed will impress anyone, however, a dilapidated one will turn to be a major turn off and lower the value of your home.
  6. Seclusion- A good high-quality privacy fence allows you to have gatherings with friends and family in seclusion without disturbing neighbours, and sometimes, more importantly, without neighbours disturbing you. Keeping up good relations with neighbour is important, and with a privacy fence, it’s much easier. If your kids go outside and play, a highly strong and durable fence construction in Canada will keep them inside and away from unwanted strangers. It also provides a boundary for your outdoor living spaces so you can enjoy them without the neighbourhood looking in. If you have a pool or are planning for a pool in your area, a privacy fence is a must. It will keep away pool crashers from entering your pool while you’re away and keep your family shielded from potential onlookers while you’re outside.
  7. Acts as a noise barrier– Do you have noisy neighbours? Is there any construction work going on in your area? A fence can help counter that noise. It acts as a sound barrier, keeping unwanted noise out of your yard, ideal for when you are relaxing outside. Masonry walls are more effective at blocking road sounds than even the best of wooden fences. But if you want to build a wooden fence, aim for a fence that is high and solid. (no gaps between the boards). Even after installing a fence, if the wooden fence doesn’t act as a sound barrier then try adding a soundproofing material called ‘mass-loaded vinyl’. It is easiest to apply mass-loaded vinyl when the fence is in process of being built, rather than later retroactively.
  8. Manoeuvrability– Always keep in mind, before installing a privacy fence you may need to move a large item into the yard at some point. That’s why it is important to make a portion of the fence removable in the event you need to back a vehicle in your backyard or any other scenario where a gate might not be wide enough. Having this capability gives you the benefit of a privacy fence with the option of opening it up for uncommon circumstances.
  9. Shelter- Natural calamities can wreak havoc in your backyard and in some cases may cause damage to your house. An outdoor fence will not only protect your garden and the backyard from strong winds, but also provide you shade from the sun (depending on the positioning of the fence and your house). Consult an experienced fencing contractor in Canada before installing a fence so that everyone is on the same page and no expensive surprises surface after the fence is installed.

If you aim to reap the maximum benefits of a privacy fence, please make sure that you contact an experienced fence constructor. It is important that you do as they say as they would advise you on the right kind of fence, the materials you should use, the style, colours, which you should use for your fence. Contact the professionals at Fencepro.ca to ensure the highest quality of the fence. The best part about team Fencepro, probably the best fencing contractors in Canada is we’ll get your fence done much quicker than any novice local fence companies in Canada might have. If you have small children or pets, having a fence that provides safety may be more a matter of urgency than a fence to boost your appeal. Thus, let us handle all the dirty work while you enjoy the benefits of a strong, sturdy fence that properly borders your property.

You can also call us on 905-922-4776 for a free consultation on how a privacy fence can enhance your home and make your backyard stand out.

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