Easy and Simple Ways to Improve Your Office Security

Offices are very sensitive places with expensive machinery, state-of-the-art electronics, and valuable documents. Such places need to be guarded against potential intruders. Apart from men guarding office spaces, fence construction can be a great alternative that can be implemented to improve the security of a workplace.

Just remember prevention is always better (and cost-effective) than the cure. So, here are some simple ways that can be employed to improve office security:


  1. Consider building an electrical fence to prevent any intruders: Electrical construction of fence is the most effective way to prevent any intruders from entering your secure zone. Electric perimeter security fences deter potential intruders from entering your property, standing in their way as a physical and intimidating barrier. The low-intensity shocks these fences deliver is non-lethal, although it’s enough to stop most people in their tracks, delaying their attempt to steal your assets or materials. Apart from getting protected against intruders/ burglaries, electrical fences are easy on maintenance. You don’t have to worry about damage caused by precipitation, and there’s no need to paint or re-stain the material like you would for a wooden fence. These fences require very low maintenance including checking for adequate voltage in the wires with a voltage meter, preventing grass and other objects from touching the fence, and checking the connections.
  2. Build an impenetrable fence: Factories and larger office spaces can benefit from concertina coils and barbed wires. Concertina coil has been utilized since many years as a part of high-security areas, for example, borders, air terminals, railway stations and so forth however generally it has increased extraordinary popularity and is currently utilized as a part of all manufacturing businesses to prevent encroachment and subsequent thefts. Fences manufactured by www.fencepro.ca, the best in market industrial fence gate company act as a good defence against intruders.
  3. A workplace safety coordinator can prove to be a boon: A workplace safety coordinator should be employed who’ll be responsible to keep a check and maintain the security of the system. Yes, an electrical fence is the most secure way but in case of electrical failures, the job of safeguarding a workplace can never be done better than a safety coordinator. The key responsibility of a workplace safety coordinator is to interact with the building security team and manage security improvements on regular intervals.
  4. Develop a plan & do a drill: Make sure every employee understands what needs to happen should there be a crisis, whether by a violent person or a natural disaster. A plan of action should be included in your policies and procedures manual. The plan of action should be vetted by the legal counsel. It is highly imperative that the plans need to be implemented. Every three or six months, alert your employees to perform a mock drill and practice it so people know what to do and where to go in case of emergencies.
  5. Install locks: Yes, you read it right. The most primitive technique is safeguarding a place is using locks. You will find a number of drawers and cupboards in workstations without locks installed or not functioning. Replace them with newer functioning ones.


As an employer, it’s every employee/employer’s responsibility to protect the people working in the organisation and provide a safe workplace. Use these five tips to get started, and partner with FencePro, Canada’s finest industrial fence gate company to help make your workplace safe, healthy, and productive.

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