Factors to Consider When Installing a Fence For Your Big Pet

Everyone who owns a big dog with tons of energy knows how hard it can be to contain your pet friend. Many breeds of large dogs want to release with their fun wild side and chase the neighborhood squirrels and bark at cars. If you own a big, strong dog, you should be careful when selecting the type of fence you need before installing it to your yard. The trick is to find a big dog fence that satisfies your budget and aesthetic desires while stopping your furry friend from going on the adventure of his doggy dreams.

Having a big dog fence is a great way to keep your pet safe while playing outside. Here are a few factors every pet owner should consider before going ahead with the fence for their pet:

  • Make the fence impossible to jump: No matter how high your fence is, a clever dog will still try to get over it somehow. Even if he can’t jump it, he may be able to climb. When choosing a fence, it’s crucial to make sure the design of the fence itself is climb-proof. Chain link fences are a bad idea for big dogs. They provide your dog with easy footholds! While a solid panel fence has a flat surface. The dog doesn’t have anywhere to stick his paws. However, ensure there’s nothing your dog can use to give himself a boost. See that there’s no planter or a birdbath or anything else your dog can use to climb onto alongside the fence.
  • Think twice before getting an invisible fence: Some owners may just want to put up an invisible or electric fence for their big dog and be done with it. The invisible fence may be a good option if the local authorities prevent you from installing a bigger fence. However, invisible fences may worsen behavioural problems in dogs. Imagine how you would feel if you got an electric current in your body every time you crossed an invisible line! So be sure whether or not to install an invisible fence.
  • Make the pet not want to escape: Boredom is a major factor that tempts dogs to try to escape your yard. If your dog requires a lot of exercises but isn’t being walked regularly, putting up an adequate fence will not be an easy fix to your problem. Even if you prevent your dog from escaping, but your dog won’t be very happy. An unhappy dog makes an unhappy owner. A big dog fence is necessary to keep your dog in your yard, but as a behavioural fix, it’s only a starting point. Creating a dog-friendly backyard is one way to keep your dog entertained between the fence walls.

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