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Thank you for checking out our second blog of the season.

I’m pleased that with the warmer weather, which I am sure you are all enjoying, the phone has been ringing steadily. Contracts are now being signed, and soon we will be in full swing.

My favourite part about being a business owner in this industry is speaking to potential and existing customers. For those of you who have met me, I am very much a people person – an extrovert, in common lingo. Apart from hearing about each person’s unique background and story, I am humbled at the opportunity to be a part of helping them out, whether through repair work or to fulfil their landscaping vision.

Conversations typically begin with a person who is not very happy about his or her current surroundings, someone who is ready for a change, but overwhelmed with the prospect of undertaking the project. That’s where I dive in. I understand how important it is for the person to be heard, their needs acknowledged, and to know that he or she can entrust someone trustworthy to do their job.

Nothing frustrates me more than a contractor who is looking to cut corners, unwilling to communicate, or who is uninterested in sharing his perspective in terms of design choice, or sometimes, a better solution for the customer. When I established my company, it was important for me to focus on the relationships that I am building with my customers. I believe in open and honest communication, which allows me to collaborate more effectively with customers. Our work, after all, is a collaboration. So, if you’re thinking about creating more privacy in your garden, bringing new life to your fences and gates, or installing a new pergola to extend your outdoor living space, I would love to hear what you have to say.

Summer is around the corner, and nothing would please me more than to help you enjoy it to the fullest!

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