A deck with a roof, otherwise known as a Gazebo, has always been a great way to create outdoor living space. The Gazebo has actually enjoyed somewhat of a renaissance over the past few years. Property owners have come to appreciate Gazebos as a great way to enjoy the outdoors without having to be exposed to sun or rain. Beyond practicality, Gazebos also offer architectural detail that can be very pleasing.

Here are some benefits to consider:

Most homeowners I speak with are concerned about protecting their investment. Climate can have an extreme effect on building materials. From faded colour to the splitting and cracking of various materials, the elements can make a mess out of outdoor builds.

Gazebos can help increase the value of our home by provided added outdoor living space.

Because of the multitude of design options and finishes, the only limitation is our imagination. All of our projects are customer-driven.


Pergolas can add a design element in otherwise wide open spaces. They create shelter and add visual interest to any landscape theme. Pergolas are often integrated into landscape designs with the use of climbing plants. Reminiscent of the old world, pergolas add to the warmth and appeal of any garden landscape.

Fence Pro gazebo design is client-driven for ultimate satisfaction.


Like any structure in a backyard, there are ways to use wood and design to frame, enhance and enjoy our outdoor spaces.

In today’s master-planned communities, the focus is often on the interior of the dwelling which leaves the exterior as an afterthought. As much as we plan for our privacy indoors, we sometimes neglect our need for privacy outdoors. Neighbour site lines as well as passing pedestrians and motorists, can easily disrupt the peace in our backyard oasis. Screens can offer the privacy and aesthetic much needed in today’s communities.

Final design is only limited by our clients’ imaginations.

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