6 Best Qualities in a Good Deck Contractor

These are the qualities you must look for in a good deck contractor:

A well-designed deck can be a wonderful addition to your home, providing outdoor space for your home for relaxation and entertainment. Thus, it is very essential that any deck project is done properly by the best deck builders in Canada with solid footings, structural supports and efficient egress to and from the house.

Building a deck or a porch takes a decent amount of carpentry skills as well as the knowledge of power tool use. For those unfamiliar with constructing a deck, it might be best if you hire a professional to get the petty work done. And what better than fencepro professionals to get this done the right way. This way you’re sure to achieve high-quality results without putting your safety at risk.  While contractors may be able to purchase the decking materials at a discounted price, you will end up paying for the labour. So plan your budget accordingly for your new deck builder in Canada.

If you decide to build your deck by yourself, make sure you learn how to do it right. Or if you’re planning to hire a professional deck builder in Canada, here are the tips to get the best outcome.

  1. Good communication skills– Good communication skills are very important for any relationship. That holds true in any organisation. Imagine a deck contractor who is too afraid to tell you that his original estimate was off by several days. Imagine if you arrange your schedule to stay out of his ways, but he comes late. Pay attention to your initial conversation with potential contractors to see if they communicate well.
  2. Proven track record– Before finalising a builder, ask him his previous work portfolio. Does he have glowing reviews or testimonials on his website? Satisfied customers always have positive feedback about the builder. If a company can’t even find a few clients to give testimonials, what does that say about their work? Go through the reviews very carefully to see if they mention the qualifications you want in your deck contractor. However, if you are looking for a reliable, trustworthy deck contractor, team fencepro is at your service. With over 25+ years of experience in the construction industry, fencepro professionals are fast, efficient, and second-to-none with respect to detail.
  3. Proof of licence & insurance– Every builder should be able to produce a contractor’s license and insurance before starting to work. If he/she doesn’t do so, this is a sign of something bad, and you shouldn’t hire them for your work. Without proper insurance, you could be on the hook for any damages caused during the construction. Beyond the damage to your property, do you want your loved ones on a deck that was built by a contractor without a proper license? Time to think.
  4. Experience– Regardless of the situation, there isn’t any substitute for experience. When you’re wondering what to look for in a builder, the experience is the foundation of professional deck builder’s ability. While the job may seem quite simple for you, experienced decking contractors in Canada may recognize and correct potential issues before they may become major problems. A veteran deck builder will also be more accurate when providing quotation and time estimates for completing the project. Additionally, some decking contractors in Canada may have the expertise and experience in handling specific decking materials. If you’ve decided to opt for certain decking material, then look out for contractors with manufacturer training and certifications. This quality may be of immense help related to the warranty concerns after the project is completed.
  5. Deep knowledge of your projects– Beyond the usual experience, it’s good to hire a deck contractor who knows your project type. If you don’t have a perfect picture of your deck in your head, the builder may be able to fill in the blanks if they know the design. They can give feedback or suggest useful add-ons that fit your scheme. A contractor who is unfamiliar with a complicated deck design may not build it correctly.
  6. Have knowledge of deck materialsDeck builders in Canada are the ones who are responsible for adding a patio to your house that will fit your wants and needs. This is the last, but not least quality required in a good deck contractor. It is a must for a designer and builder to have the knowledge about the decking materials and what material will be best suited for you as per the needs, budget and style. This type of person knows what design best suits your backyard at his/ her first visit.
  7. Pressure-treated lumber– Pressure-treated lumber is a wood that has been immersed in a liquid preservative and placed in a pressure chamber. The chamber forces the chemical into the wood fibres. The pressurized approach used in this timber makes sure that the chemical reaches to the core of each piece of wood. It is much more effective than simply soaking the chemical from the wood.
  8. Rot-resistant wood– Old houses have to constantly deal with wood rot and insect damage. While the old-growth wood used in houses built before the turn of the 20th century is more rot resistant wood than anything available today, no wood is rot or insect proof. Here are some of the best rot-resistant wood materials you can find and why they might be a good fit for your project.
  9. Old-growth cypress– The old-growth version of this resistant wood has much more heartwood than its sibling woods that are harder and much more resistant to rot and insects compared to the traditional wood.
  10. Cedar (eastern white or western red)– Want to do some decking related work in your backyard? Cedar decking in Canada is a good option. If you are planning on finishing with a stain, cedar wood really excels at this. If you plan to paint, use a stain blocking old primer because the resins in cedar will easily bleed through the paint.
  11. White oak– It is a very hard, domestic wood that is readily available everywhere. It is used for building windows, doors, fine furniture and wood flooring.
  12. Old-growth redwood– The old- growth version of this wood is very resistant to rot and insects.
  13. Pressure-treated pine– It is very resistant to rot and insects. It can be sued in direct contact with the dirt without rotting and holds the paint fairly well. However, it does shrink quite a bit once dried.
  14. Tropical hardwood– Tropical timber may refer to any type of wood that grows in tropical rainforest and tropical and subtropical moist broadleaf forests and is harvested there. The examples for this type of hardwood are mahogany, teak, ebony, rosewood, narra and Chloroxylon.
  15. Composite decking– Composite decking, also known as wood-plastic, is an alternative to timber. Since it is made of recycled plastic and wood, this type of decking is becoming more popular as it is eco-friendly in nature and helps to save forests as it can be an alternative to woods. It is being used in many environmental projects including outdoor dining, leisure areas, balconies and caravan decks, in addition to many decks of varied size and shape.
  16. Recycled plastic lumber– It is a plastic form of timber, made of virgin or recycled plastic (in this case, it can be called RPL). It is made up of 100% plastic, compared to wood-plastic composite timber. It is also used for mold and garden furniture such as park benches. Some manufacturers also claim plastic lumber is more environment-friendly and requires less maintenance than wood-plastic composites or rot-resistant wood. Unlike wood-plastic, recycled plastic lumber is 100% recyclable after its original intended use.


To be sure that you are in good hands, you might want to incorporate this list in choosing your deck house builder. You are a client who wants the perfect deck for his backyard. So be a bit fussy. Hire only those decking contractors in Canada who fulfil all the conditions in the above list. It may not be all of those, but at least the majority.

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