How to choose the perfect timber for your deck

Thinking of building a durable deck for your new apartment? Timber is the perfect fit for the bill. It provides amazing benefits when combined with clever planning, high precision, and well-monitored construction.


The usage of decking timber in Canada is very popular around the world. Its popularity is on the rise as it has become the most trusted material for activities related to construction and furniture. Timber is an excellent flooring material- gives you value for money and is an absolute fan favourite.


Having the perfect timber at your home can make a huge difference. However, selecting the right timber deck can be a tough task. But not you worry. Team FencePro is here to help you guys select the right decking timber in Canada for your apartment/ building. Here are the 7 tips to choose your timber wisely.


Factors to consider when choosing your decking timber in Canada-

  1. Consider a professional design: Whether you’re building your deck yourself, or getting professional help, do not undervalue the impact the design that will get you a “wow” from your guests.
  2. Understanding the sun– The sun can be a beast. So, the planning of the placement of the deck should be thoroughly considered. The deck should be structured at a place where there is ample shade and the sun doesn’t attack with its harmful rays.
  3. Floating deck mistakes– A floating deck means that the structure of the deck does not connect properly to the house’s structure. This requires a line of footings close to the foundation wall for a support beam. The problem is: footings are meant to sit on “undisturbed soil” which is compacted and will support the footing without sinking. When digging a footing 12” to 36” away from the foundation, the soil in that area is “disturbed soil” due to excavation required when the foundation of the house was laid.
  4. Do your structure homework: Even if you don’t require a permit to build a deck, still you need to build it properly. It is very easy to find online help in order to understand basic fundamentals like footing size and spacing, beam sizing, joist sizing and spacing, railing guidelines, and proper staircase condition.
  5. Attractive decking patterns: One of the easiest ways to spice up your deck is to have some fun with it. After a few weeks of wear and tear, the seam between the deck starts looking terrible. Simply adding a “spine” in the deck creates an intentional seam, giving the picture-perfect look, increasing the aesthetic of the deck.


Follow these simple tips and you’ll be on your way to getting the best decking timber in Canada that suits your needs and requirement. You may try different wood types, but nothing beats timber in terms of class. It is very easy to maintain. In addition, timber has insulation properties, so your feet would not get wet even if you plan to walk barefoot on the wood on a chilly night.

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