Signs you may need a fence installation

Wood fences are among the most popular due to their traditional look, and their natural beauty. However, wooden fences do not last forever and will begin to deteriorate over time. While routine maintenance and repair can extend the life of your fence, there will come a day where you will need to have it replaced. Yet, how will you know if the fence has reached the end of its life, or if it can be repaired? There are a few key signs you can look out for that can indicate that it may be time to consider having your fence replaced. Here are just a few of these signs that can indicate the need for new fence installation.

  1. Broken/ damaged boards: One of the easiest signs to detect a damaged fence is if you notice broken and/or damaged boards. Over time, deterioration, as well as wear and tear, can cause boards to become damaged. While individual boards can be easily replaced, if there is a problem with multiple boards, and the damage appears to be widespread, then you may want to consider replacing the fence entirely, as this can be a sign that your fence is ageing and structurally unsound.
  2. Signs of insect damage: Insect damage can be fatal to a wooden fence, as it can result in its structure being compromised. Signs of holes, gnawing, or boring in your fence can indicate the presence of an insect infestation. It is important to be on the lookout for such damage in your fence, because if you catch the infestation early, you may be able to eradicate the insects and have the fence repaired; however, widespread damage may require replacement.
  3. Sagging fence: Another sign that your fence has aged and require a new fence installation is if you notice that it has begun to sag, or is even leaning to one side or another. While occasionally this problem can be remedied by replacing one or more of the fenceposts, if multiple fenceposts are warped or damaged, then this is likely a sign that the wood of your fence has begun to weaken. Additionally, sagging fenceposts can lead to the warping of the boards in your fence, which may mean the structural integrity of your fence has been compromised. If this is the case, then you will continue to experience problems with your fence, and it will likely be in your best interest to have a new fence installation as soon as possible.
  4. Noticeable holes in the wood: If you have wood fencing, the wood posts should be solid from top to bottom. If there are noticeable holes in several of the posts, they may be from insects or termites. Insect damage weakens your fencing and may cause your entire fence to crumble in the future. If this is an isolated incident, you may be able to replace the boards that have been affected. In most cases though, you’re going to need a new fence to get rid of the insect damage.
  5. Mismatched fencing: Does your fence look like it was installed by three different people? That’s probably because it was. All too often we see mismatched fencing that was added on at different times. You may be able to stain or paint the fencing to all look the same, depending on what material it is made out of. Otherwise, you’ll be better off getting a new fence that looks cohesive.

There are many signs (in addition to the ones listed here) that can indicate that your fence may be in need of replacement. At the end, when you catch the damage and the age of your fence will likely determine if it needs to be replaced. It is for this reason that you should consider making inspecting your fence part of your regular routine for maintaining your house so that you can catch any damage as soon as possible. Contact us to find out more about the signs that can indicate the need for fence replacement, as well as to find out about having your fence replaced.

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