Things to consider when building a pet fence

We at Fencepro, absolutely adore pets. The pawsome creatures bring so much to our lives. As any dog owner knows, these aren’t just pets, they are part of the family. They need their own spaces just like any of us, and for most dogs, that’s the yard. A room to run and play is essential for a dog’s well-being. But as pet owners, you still want to keep them safe. Installing a strong, durable fence provides your pet with a safe place to play and gives you peace of mind.

As homeowners, we often focus on making our space for ourselves and entertaining for our guests. But there are lots to consider when ensuring your dog has a safe outdoor space of its own. You know what your particular concerns are, whether that’s busy city streets or woods that are easy to get lost in. A sturdy pet fence by Fencepro experts, the best fencing contractors in Canada will go a long way toward making playtime stress free for you as well as your pets.


Few Things to Consider Before Building a Fence for Your Pet:

Your Pet’s Personality

What’s most important is your pet. You know your dog better than anyone. Our team will listen to your knowledge of your pet’s personality to determine what kind of fence will be suitable for your pet. Is your dog a leaper? We can build it to a customizable height. Does your pup love to dig? We can bury the base of the fence several inches underground. These questions will decide whether you need chain link fence, or picket fence, wood or vinyl fence.


Cost is often the most worrisome consideration for people making improvements to their home. But did you know, adding a fence boosts the value of your home? By adding privacy and security, you increase your home’s resale value automatically. Additionally, Fencepro, the premier and affordable fencing contractors in Canada, provides many different choices in style and size. This means we can work with your budget to complete the project.

Segment your yard

Keeping your pets safe doesn’t have to mean all new fencing. Many of our customers looking for pet fencing already have great perimeter fencing. We use our yards for all sorts of hobbies and pastimes aside from our pets. While our dogs are part of our families, they don’t always mix well with those other activities. If you have a garden or a pool and a playful canine friend you can probably think of at least one time you wished you’d kept them separate.

Picket fence is a great way to maintain aesthetics while also keeping your pet in a preferred area. Chain link is also a great option for if you want to build a fenced-in play area for your dog within your yard. If your property is already picket fenced in, but you’d like to keep your dog and garden or pool separate then a simple chain link fence may be all you need. It gets the job done and is easy to maintain.

P.S. Allocate your attention. Your dog is going to require a lot of attention during their first few weeks. Make sure you mind the time you spend with your dog.


We hope this blog would have given you some sort of clarity as to which direction to go forward while building a pet fence. Keep smiling😊

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