Tips to Build the Perfect Gazebo for Your Home

gazebo builder in Canada

What are the things a gazebo builder in Canada needs to keep in mind while building a gazebo? Or what is the perfect size of a gazebo outside your home?


Team Fencepro is back again with another engrossing blog. Today we would be discussing important things that need to be remembered before building a gazebo. But before going into the tips and advises while planning to build a gazebo, here’s a short introduction for people who aren’t familiarized with Gazebos.


A gazebo is a pavilion-like structure, sometimes shaped like an octagon or turret, is often built in a park, garden or spacious public area. Generally gazebos are freestanding or attached to a garden wall, roofed, and open on all sides. They provide shelter, shade, ornamental features in a landscape, and a place where people can peacefully rest. Some gazebos in public parks are large enough to be called as bandstands or rain shelters.


Adding a gazebo, fence to your backyard is very beneficial as it would add value to your home. Now let’s check out a few things a gazebo builder in Canada should keep in check while planning to build a gazebo.


  1. Choose the right location: Wooden gazebos are usually located in the garden or any other location that has a pleasant view. Before building a gazebo, please make sure that the location is high enough to allow it to have enough space. The location for the gazebo should also highlight your own personal style.
  2. Size and shape should be perfect: Before finalizing the design of the gazebo, you should consider how many people will fit inside the gazebo. For instance, a 10-foot gazebo will easily accommodate 4 people. All of these parameters can help you decide on the right size and shape for your wooden gazebo. One thing to remember while you’re making your gazebo plans is that you need to make sure that enough empty space surrounds your garden gazebo. You also need to remember to measure the amount of space that’s actually available before you start the project.
  3. Getting the required parameters: If your gazebo plans call for a space bigger than 100 square feet, you’ll need to obtain the appropriate permits from your local authorities. If your gazebo is smaller than 100 square feet, you might not face any zonal regulations.
  4. Picking the right material: One of the most important things to keep in mind while building a gazeebo is to pick the right material.  If the gazebo builder in Canada uses the wrong materials for constructing the gazebo, then it doesn’t matter if you have the best gazebo blueprints, you will still end up with a structure that will need a lot of maintenance. Redwood is a good wood material if you’re looking to build a gazebo in your backyard. Although redwood is the best option, it can be quite expensive. Cedarwood can be a good alternative. It is less expensive but it has its share of cons. The material is not sturdy against weather and bugs.
  5. Footings for the gazebo should be concrete: If you wish to install your pavilion or pergola in an area without a concrete slab foundation, you will need to dig post holes to accommodate concrete footings. Footings are also useful if you wish to install your pergola or pavilion over an existing paver patio. All structures need to be anchored to concrete footers. The footer varies in size depending on the size unit you purchase. If you wish to prepare the footings on your own, you will need to consult an established gazebo builder in Canada and on the basis of his consultation, you can build your structure. Next, dig post holes to the appropriate depth below the frost line or deeper. This will prevent the structure from “popping out” due to thawing and re-freezing. Next, fill the post holes with concrete and rebar. Be sure enough to plan enough time for the concrete to be ready before the delivery of your new structure. After the post footings are in their designated place, the structure can be attached with anchor brackets that are bolted into the concrete.
  6. Make a roof for your gazebo’s structure: To make the roof for your gazebo, you’ll need five more 4 x 4 beams, four of them measuring 6′ 1″ in length and one more measuring 8’ 7”. Use your tools to cut a 45-degree angle into one end of each of the four 6′ 1″ beams and attach them (flat side facing down) to the ends of the fifth beam with the help of bolts, thus forming two triangles at each side of the longer beam. Roofs can be useful in case of protection against rain/ winds.
  7. Do It Yourself if saving money is your goal: If saving money is your goal and you’d rather not hire a professional contractor, you can obtain some gazebo designs and build your gazebo yourself. After going through the designs, you’ll know that the process isn’t that hard, and the results will certainly give you a lot of enjoyment.

However, if you’re not familiar with constructing gazebos, you should consider taking a professional’s help.

Keep these tips in mind while planning your gazebo. If properly implemented, the gazebo can become the perfect spot for your evening coffee with your better half.

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