Types of Decks – An Article by Best Decking Contractor in Canada

A Beginner’s Guide to the Various Decks You Can Use to Make Your House More Appealing:

Imagine you’re having a small party for your office colleagues, and you want to create a positive and lasting impression on them, then a sturdy, durable and funky deck is the thing you should add to your home ASAP. Nothing puts a better impression than a perfect deck. It’s the perfect place to gather with your family or entertaining guests. The deck can be the perfect place where you can have a conversation with your office colleague, friendly banter with your friend, or also use it as a dance floor, for the young enthusiasts.


Well, let’s have a look at what defines a deck. A deck is a flat surface, similar to the floor, capable of supporting the weight, but constructed outdoors, and often elevated from the ground. The deck typically is a wooden platform built above the ground level and connected to the main building. It is generally enclosed by a railing to provide safety to the apartment/ building. Access to the deck may be from the house through doors and from the ground via a stairway. A residential deck can be constructed over steep areas or a rough ground that is otherwise unusable.


A deck is also the surface used to construct a boardwalk over sand over barrier islands. No matter what the scope of your project is, it is always beneficial to build a deck in your home. It adds value not only to your home but to your life also. Some of the benefits of a deck installation in Canada include:


  1. Sound investment- Every real estate agent may agree, building a deck provides a 100% return on the investment. It is also an effective way to expand livable space while keeping the budget relatively low.
  2. Entertainment- A deck provides an opportunity to have friends and family over and enjoy the outdoors and make the most of your outdoor space during the warmer months. You can have a small get-together with friends and family.


There are many materials to choose from while building a deck. From Cedar to pressure- treated wood and composite, decking contractors in Canada use materials that will suit your needs, taste and budget. These are the different types that will help you accentuate your backyard/garden. Here they go:


  1. Curved deck– Curved decks are very interesting and unique, but they are somewhat difficult to build because the materials used for building curved decks are straight and rigid. Thus, curved decks are easier to draw on paper than to build in the real world. If you are planning to build a curved deck, try a cedar deck. The cedar decking in Canada is renewable and bio-degradable. It also does not require treatment with toxic chemicals and it is naturally resistant to rot, insects, and has natural preservatives that ensure it stays good in harsh weather conditions.
  2. Open-air porches– Have you ever thought about including an open-air porch in your outdoor living project? It is one of the hottest requests made by clients over the world. An open-air porch is subtly different. Although an open porch is covered with a roof structure, yet it psychologically has an open feeling. The screened porch, which is a massive hit among the masses, can be built into an open porch. This includes electrical outlets, TV, ceiling fan/ light kit, audio speakers, and a fireplace. What’s the difference between a screened-in porch and an open porch, apart from one having screens? The screened-in porch is an extension of your house. The screened-in porch feels a little more enclosed and private, compared to an open porch which is subtly different. It is like a piece of the outdoor space of your house partially brought inside. Although an open porch is covered with a roof structure, psychologically it has an open feeling. However, an open porch is like a park pavilion attached to your house. If that is too public and you want a little privacy from your neighbours, you can install a sliding curtain as a separator. You can throw in a curtain, which adds vibrant colour, texture, and versatility to the open-air porch.
  3. Multi-level decks– If you are looking to increase the value of your home, a multi-level deck is an easy and cost-effective way to do it. One benefit of a multi-level deck is that it adds to the appeal of your home. A raised deck attached to the second floor serves as a dining, grilling and lounging area. Underneath the raised deck might be a screened porch or an open patio with the uppermost deck acting as a ceiling enclosing the lower porch. Seems exciting, isn’t it? If you are interested in building a multi-level deck, contact one of the best decking contractors in Canada to do the job for you. We have a team of professionals with over 25+ years of experience in the construction industry. Fence Pro crew, the best local deck builders in Canada are quick, efficient and second-to-none with respect to detail. So, no worries on that front.
  4. Gazebos– A gazebo is a pavilion-like structure, octagonal or turret-shaped structure, often built in a park, garden or a spacious public area. They are freestanding or attached to a garden wall, roofed and open on all sides. Many people get confused about what exactly a gazebo is, especially in relation to outdoor structures such as patios, pergolas and verandahs. Gazebos can be of different size, shape and style depending on their owner’s tastes. Although gazebos do attract attention, they are, built to offer privacy. In medieval and renaissance Europe, these sanctuaries were built in more far-off areas of large estates. A gazebo would serve as a destination to which the lord of the manor and his guests would journey outside for fresh air while still being under a roof.
  5. Pool deck– Whether you already have a pool or have been thinking of adding one, there’s no doubt that an outdoor pool is a great way to enhance the fun and functionality of your backyard once summer arrives. In addition, the deck around your pool provides more usable space for entertainment and/or leisure. Many pools were traditionally installed with a surrounding concrete patio, however, several issues come from this including it getting too hot in the summer, being subject to freeze/thaw cycles in cold weather and also falling short of being particularly attractive. Modern pool decks in Canada are different; it helps create an outdoor living space you actually want to spend time in and perfect for entertaining family and friends. The various types of pool deck installation in Canada are listed here:
  6. Wood pool decks- Decks constructed of wood look quite attractive next to an in-ground swimming pool or spa. Though a wood deck construction in Canada looks quite attractive, it can cost you a bomb for maintaining the pool deck.
  7. Stone poolside patio- Stone is a natural looking material for patios and paths, has enough texture to make it slip-resistant, and enhances landscaping and architectural features. The biggest plus of stone poolside patio is it is available in an assortment of shapes and sizes; square, rectangle, triangle and irregular.
  8. Tile pool surrounds- A highly glazed tile surface that gets wet could create a dangerous scenario for anyone who walks near the pool. Since tile is graded for slip resistance, play it safe and look for something like unglazed terracotta (Saltillo), or vitreous and water-impervious porcelain tile that will withstand frosts and freezes.
  9. Brick patio near the pool- Brick has been around for more than 5,000 years, so it’s a proven material and surface for a pool deck. It is durable and very easy to maintain compared to other pool decks. However, there’s a disadvantage; moss has a tendency to grow on cool bricks, so you got to regularly maintain it. If not, mossy bricks can become slippery when wet, and can create a dangerous slippery zone.
  10. Synthetic decking- Synthetic or composite decking is a popular alternative to wood, without the maintenance and weathering issues. This type of decking is durable and can last for a long period of time. Synthetic decking are made to be resistant to insects and harsh weather conditions. However, they aren’t resistant to paint mold and mildew.


Modern pool deck contractor in Canada has come a long way since the traditional cement slab. Today’s deck is organic, and functional, with a beauty that will stand the test of time. If you want to build an innovative and funky deck, feel free to drop us an email at info@fencepro.com, or just fill our interest form, and leave everything else on fencepro, your trustworthy decking contractors in Canada.

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    When it comes to creating the perfect outdoor oasis, choosing the right deck is crucial. In their informative article, the best decking contractor in Canada takes us on a journey through the various types of decks available. From traditional wood options to low-maintenance composite materials, this article serves as a valuable guide for homeowners looking to enhance their outdoor living spaces. Discover the advantages and aesthetics of each deck type and find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

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    If you are considering building a multi-level deck, it is important to weigh the additional cost against the benefits that you will gain. If you have the budget for it, a multi-level deck can be a great addition to your home.

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